Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Potato stuffed Naan Bread (aloo naan)

 Aloo Naan
In a large bowl combine:
3/4 warm water
2 T soy milk
1 t dry yeast
1 t sugar
1 pinch of baking soda
let sit until bubbly (5 minutes or so)
2T olive oil or ghee (obviously not vegan....)
1 C unbleached white whole wheat flour (or AP flour)
whisk well and let bubbly for about 15 minutes then stir in:
1 C more flour
When you can no longer stir in the flour - knead the resulting dough until smooth (roughly 5 minutes).
Set the dough aside and go light your grill - I used a charcoal grill and waited about 2 minutes before baking.

2 boiled potatoes mashed slightly
Handful of frozen or fresh spinach
Saute in:
4T olive oil or ghee
1T ground cumin
1t course black pepper
pinch of Kosher salt
heat thoroughly and set aside, once cool add 1/2 bunch chopped cilantro.

Method: Make these one at a time (you can have 2 cooking on the grill at once - but prepare them one at a time)
Take roughly 1/6 of the dough and pat into a disk shape - set it on the counter and top with a heaping tablespoon of the potato filling, fold over and pinch edges together - now ...carefully with oiled hands....pat between your palms until you have a circle about 6" to the grill and set that bad boy on the grate. close the lid. go make another one etc etc
These should cook about 5 minutes on each side BUT be careful depending on your coals, they can burn very quickly. After approx. 5 minutes use tongs and carefully pick up the naan and flip it over. Cook for another 5 minutes and remove from heat. Repeat until all your dough is used up. Remember keep your hands generously coated with ghee or olive oil when flattening your naan. The oil also keeps the bread from sticking. Serve with cucumber soy raita and chutneys or enjoy plain.

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