Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baked Tofu

Press 1 block of firm tofu (directions follow)
Slice into 1″ thick  slices
Marinate for 1 hour to 24 hours in:
3 T olive oil
1 T sesame oil
3 T tamari
2 T finely chopped garlic
2 T finely grated ginger root
1t cayenne pepper
Pre heat oven to 375 F
Drain excess marinade from the tofu slices and pat dry.
Place tofu slices evenly spaced on a baking sheet
Bake for 20-30 minutes
Turn the slices over and (optional) sprinkle with sesame seeds, nori flakes, red pepper flakes
or a combination of all three
Bake for another 15 -20 minutes
Bake too your liking, I prefer these baked well - almost like a tender jerky.
You may like them a little softer.
These baked tofu slices keep well refrigerated and make great ready-to-go lunches.
Pressing Tofu
In Asian specialty market you can find tofu that is already pressed and vacuum sealed.
Before using any water packed tofu - I press out the excess water.
The exception would be when using soft tofu, because, trust me, you just can't press that stuff.
There are no strict rules, but essentially, you are going to place the block of tofu on a slightly slanted surface
next to your sink. Next, place a weight on top of the tofu and let the water drain off and into the sink for a half an hour or so.
I use a cutting board with a Ball jar lid under one end and place a medium sauce pan 3/4 full of water on top of the tofu. I have seen people use foil covered bricks for weights and that looks pretty darn cool.

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