Friday, January 21, 2011

When she was good....

   This was me in January of 2011

    "I would love to begin this blog by telling you how wonderful it is to be vegan. To tell you about the purity and healthfulness of it all. That, however, would be a big fat lie.The truth is, I am not really a vegan at all. I am an omnivore. Yep. Sometimes I eat my little friends. I'm not proud of that  - it's just a fact. I am not about being sanctimonious, this is just who I am - someone who would be better off being vegan - but I fall off the wagon on a routine basis. Rather than beat myself up over it, I have chosen to  embrace who I am.... carnivorous misgivings and all."

   What a jackass. I could just delete this, but it's good for me to remember that I didn't get here overnight.
   If you can't commit to a vegan lifestyle, I certainly have been there and understand..Try some of this delicious food and someday you may end up where I am - vegan and never looking back. I have learned you can't "unknow" something. Now that I know about the benefits to the planet, our water supply, our air quality, the potential end to starvation on this planet, the welfare of animal, the welfare of my heart - both physically and metaphorically-  I am vegan for life.
Peace and pass the (vegan) chocolate.

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  1. *applause*

    Sometimes I eat my little friends, too!!