Saturday, January 22, 2011

Barbecued Beans

2 C dried soybeans – soaked overnight in 6 Cups of water. (or any mild, white bean of your choice)
8 C  water
1 batch of homemade barbecue sauce (recipe follows)
¾ C  water
Drain the soybeans and discard the soaking water.
Place soybeans and 8 Cups of fresh cold water in a large stockpot.
Heat to boiling point over high heat, reduce to simmer (low) and cook for 3-4 hours until firm but tender.
Note to self: Add more water as needed to keep the soybeans from burning!
Drain the cooked soybeans. In a large mixing bowl combine beans, barbecue sauce and ¾ C. water.
Place in Crock-pot on High for 2 hours or until tender, but not scorched!
(you may baked in a 350 degree oven in a covered casserole, too)
Once the beans are tender, simply turn the Crock-pot on Low until time to eat.
This recipe was adapted from a recipe in The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook.

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